About me
     Hi, I'm Darlene Rahn & I am an RMT. I was born & raised in Oshawa but moved to Guelph in 1982 in order to attend the University of Guelph. After graduating in 1985 with a science degree, I never left Guelph. Guelph is so vibrant, friendly and green.  It certainly has changed a lot since 1982!  Our university is the greenest I have ever seen!  So many parks, trails, trees and the Speed River. 

     Massage therapy has become my passion since I decided to change my career path in 2005.  It wasn't a difficult choice. 
I have pursued running since 1998 and because of this pursuit, I was introduced to the art and science of Massage Therapy.  With regular massage treatments, I was able to recover quickly from long runs, deal with injuries and soreness quickly so that I could get on with my training. These days, after completing 3 marathons and numerous half marathons and 5/10k races, I am concentrating on trail running only and regularly compete in 25k, 50k and 50 mile races around Ontario. 

      When I decided to make a career change, I looked towards Massage Therapy as a career that would enable me to put myself out on the front line as the person responsible for my business and my patients.With the love and support of my husband, Dave and my two children, Amanda - 30yrs old and Justin - 25yrs old, I was able to  graduate from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in 2006.  

     My liberal schedule shows that I am willing to be treating when people are needing treatment which, according to a lot of my patients, is so difficult to find in Guelph.

A Massage Therapist is a regulated health professional.

Only members of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) are permitted to use the title Massage Therapist or Registered Massage Therapist and use the letters MT or RMT with their names. 

Massage therapists have completed a 2-3 years diploma programme from a recognized massage therapy school. This includes 2200 hours of training in various courses such as anatomy, neurology, pathology, and kinesiology as well as over 170 hours of practical clinical training. In order to receive a license to practice, graduates must pass both a written test and  strenuous practical board exams which are administered by the CMTO.

Massage therapists participate in a Quality Assurance Programme that assists them in the maintenance of high professional standards and quality care of their clients.

The practice of massage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain. 
(Massage Therapy Act, 1991)