Do I need a doctor's note for massage therapy?

No, you can receive massage therapy treatments without a doctor's note but your Extended Benefits plan at work may require you to have one before they will refund your money. 

Do you accept auto accident claims or WSIB claims?

Due to excessive licensing fees required by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, I no longer accept motor vehicle claims. Unfortunately, I do not accept WSIB claims either.

How often should I come for a massage treatment?

You will need to come in for treatments more often (30 minutes twice per week to begin) if you are being treated for a specific injury or condition such as Carpal Tunnel or Plantar Fasciitis. If you are coming in strictly for a relaxation massage or stress reduction massage, you should commit to a 60 minute massage every 3-6 wks.  

I have heard that running will ruin my knees? Is that true?

I used to think the same before I became a runner. However, there are a lot more sports where knee injuries are more common such as hockey, rugby, football. Skiing and golf are also hard on the knees.  If you decide to start running and experience knee pain, don't assume that running is to blame. It could be your form, your shoes, your running surface etc..  If you only run on sidewalks or roads, switching some of your runs to trails will decrease the stress on your knees. I was exclusively a road runner until 2004 when I developed both IT band syndrome and a stress fracture after the Chicago Marathon. Since switching to trails, I have had no running induced injuries even after a 50 mile race.  Buy your first pair of running shoes  from a running store because the employees are trained to fit you with an appropriate pair for your feet. Discuss orthotics with your doctor-your foot may overpronate when you run which contributes to misalignment of the knee/hip/foot chain.