www.cmto.com - College of Massage Therapists of Ontario - our governing body - their primary goal is to protect the public.

www.rmtao.com -  Ontario Massage Therapist  Association.  Membership is voluntary but beneficial. A very informative site.

www.outrace.ca - Ontario Ultra Series race website - trail races from 10k to 100 miles and beyond. 

www.collegeofmassage.com/home/ - The website for the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy. 

www.thestretchinghandbook.com/archives/warm-up.php - An interesting article that focuses on warming up properly to reduce sports injuries.

http://guelphtrails.blogspot.com/ - A website containing a collection of trails in and around Guelph. Contains photos of various trail spots and downloadable maps. 

www.guelphchc.ca -  Guelph Community HealthCentre - They provide innovative primary health services and community programs, mainly for their priority groups, using an interdisciplinary team approach, and collaborating with community partners.