When you show up at the clinic, there will be a few forms to fill out which will include a health history, clinic policy sheet and consent form. Sometimes clients do not want to take the time to fill these out but without these forms, I cannot treat you. Please take the time to read these forms before you sign them. Feel free to show up early to fill out these forms. Please don't come to a massage with a full stomach. 

The first thing you need to know is that a massage session is about you-you do not have to comply with anything that makes you uncomfortable. It is important to speak up and request what you need at all times. This includes everything from the room temperature, table temperature, lighting, music, amount of pressure used in the massage and any areas you would like worked on more or less!

You will be taken into the treatment room. We will discuss your condition and decide on a course of treatment. Depending on the areas that are to be worked on, you may start face up or face down on the table. I will leave the room while you undress and get on the table. Please remove jewelery that might interfere with the treatment. Also, please turn your cell phone off during the treatment.  You only need to disrobe to your level of comfort. Please wait until I exit the room before you disrobe.  You can also request to leave more clothes on if you feel uncomfortable . You will be covered with a sheet & blanket during treatment and only one body area will be uncovered at a time.

Most people wait until they are in some sort of pain before seeking out their first massage. When you are in pain, a massage may not be as relaxing as you might have imagined. The areas that are tight may feel slightly painful when massaged.

This is due to the adhesive properties  of the muscle fibers. When a muscle is tight the fibers actually are sticking together somewhat like glue. Massage works to break apart this tightness.

After their first massage, some people report a "bruised feeling" in their muscles.  If that is that case, know that it is normal and that it is an indicator of just how tight the muscles were in the first place.You might be sore for 24-48hrs. 

Getting regular massage can help reduce this tenderness along with helping to alleviate and even prevent further pain.

Some things you can do after a massage to help continue the relaxation process are to:

* Drink plenty of water. If you wake up the next morning feeling tired or even exhausted, just start drinking water until you feel better.

*  Take a warm/hot bath for 20 minutes after your massage. Use 2 cups of epsom salts & be sure to drink a glass of water before & after your bath.

*  Eat lightly

*  As you leave the office pay attention to the new feelings in your body and the new relaxed state of your muscles. You will feel your feet hit the pavement differently and can often hear it in your footsteps.

* Take a nap if you can. (This is my favorite thing to do directly after a massage - take a nap!)

* If you have continued soreness, put an icepack on any specific areas that feel tender. You can also take your favorite pain reliever if the pain is too annoying.

* Call or email me if you have any questions after a session at any time.

Your first massage.